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Thanks to all and sundry + new tank

Thanks to all those out there who sent me little quips and amusing thank
yous for mine. It's appreciated. I can't get back to you all 'cause I'm
snowed under with the "serious" stuff... like getting my platform shoes
ready and hair dyed so I can join Darren when he tests. <G>

Apologies to anyone who I offended... didn't mean to pick on anyone. My Dad
was a manic-depressive with a MENSA IQ. The high IQ skipped me (unless,
like an ozelot sword flower, it is lurking there waiting for the lights to
go out [Steve's having a good laugh]) but I think the "mania" took. If I go
off the rails and insult you... be sure to give me a smack and set me
straight... not that I'm gay...not that there's anything wrong with that!!

Now the serious and really fun bit. I've just (last Wed.) set up a 33
gallon tank. (I'd rather have a 90 but hey....) I've used an all Flourite
substrate. It looks wonderful. I have 3 36" T-8s 25 watts each which the
lighting guy told me equals 29 watts with the ballast. (anyone know what
he's talking about? See I told you the smarts skipped me!) I have yeast CO2
going through the venturi of a powerhead on a sponge filter. Took some time
to balance the water. We have NO hardness here. A combination of Calcium
carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, and Magnesium sulfate seems to have done the
trick. The pH measures 6.7 and if I let it sit so the CO2 disipates it goes
up to about 7.2. GH 3.5, KH 3 last time I measured... probably gone up by

I haven't added any yet but want to use Seachems Flourish and Flourish Iron
in this tank. Anyone have any advice about adding it now or in two weeks or
what? (Thanks, James, for your input so far.) The plants are already
pearling so perhaps I should add some today.

I have planted all the wrong plants. 2 amazonicus swords, one ozelot, one
oriental, one parva, one barthii (big one), one clump of crypt lucea,
several crypt balensae. Along with these "keeper" plants I stuck in some
sprigs of fast growers like Ceratopterius t., hygro diff., hygro cory, and
a bunch of floating hornwort. I figure I'll give the Flourite a good test
with the slow growers right away. I plan to remove the fast ones and have a
lawn of riccia in the centre part. Well... that's the plan.

Fish so far are a school of 8 head and tail light tetras and 4 otos. I'm
going to put Angels and Apistos in it too. I plan to photograph and video
the tank often and will report on how it's doing. Any comments or
suggestions you can keep to yourself.... JUST KIDDING. Comment away.. but
don't be surprized if I refuse to do it over. <g> Of course, you all think
I'm crazy now anyway so nothing will surprise you.

in Vancouver... supposed to be working.