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Re: filterless tanks

> From: BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net>
> Hello,
> >From the looks of this test it would seem to me that the filter was
> robbing the plants of needed nutrients and converting it into nitrates,
> I may be wrong on this note.  This brings up a concern for me, if the
> plants does a better job of filtration than conventional filters does
> this mean that filters are NOT needed on a planted tank?

In a heavily planted tank that is not overstocked with fish and where the
plants are healthy, you need not use a bacterial nitrification filter.  

I haven't cycled a tank in nearly 10 years because the plants take care of
ammonium directly out of the water and also provide a ready supply of surface
area and nitrification bacteria (FWIW).

Just make sure you're providing water movement so the waterborne nutrients can
reach the plants.

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator