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Re: Those Bloomin Ozzie's

Steve Manby (Apflanzeneh at webtv_net) wrote:
> I don't do anything special with regarrds to lights to make my ozelots
> bloom,I jusst know they do so on a regular basis.
> I think that it has more to do with root feeding than anything else.I
> have three planted in a peat substrate mixed with flourite.Two of them
> recieve half a stick of jobes once a month the other has never had a
> jobes ,not to say that the root system has'nt reached to the base of one
> of it's commrades,and was pilfering nutrients :)

Feedin' the little darlin's no doubt has a lot to do with how fast they
mature. I just thought the big coincidence was that mine bloomed the
week I was gone.

> The two that get the jobes have both flowered 3 times,the one without
> the jobes has flowered once. All three of these are the same age as
> Steve n Olga'sfrom the original flower stalkof the mother plant.
> I don't remember Steve ever mentioning that his had flowered before
> now,I know olga's flowered quite some time ago,and I think,correct me if
> I'm wrong O (my pet name for olga:) you use jobes on occasion.i don't
> think Elvis (someone on the nets.... pet name for Steve,,,,the "Elvis of
> substrates") uses jobes ,again correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't give sword plants any Jobe's sticks or clay pellets or balls
with fertilizer. The last time I did that I ended up with a monster
sized Amazon sword plant that tried to take over New York City! ;-) I
try to keep the things within reasonable bounds.

> I know there is no real comparison here as no two set ups are the
> same,but I think the jobes are really key here,this just being my
> expierience.
> On a lighter note,if you were to meet Steve and Olga in personthey
> really are a couple of well........pussycats :)


> I'm going to go and flik the lights off and on.....Ive got enough ozzie
> swords for now

Righto mate!