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Re: darkness period + extended photo period.

"John W. Lemons III" <jlemons at myriad_net> wrote:
> >The length of the absolute darkness period is important to stimulate
> >flowering. My Ocelot sword flowered while I was away for a week and the
> >room lights were off all the time.
> Do you think this may apply to my Amazon Swords?  Can I stimulate 
> propogation by cutting the light?  If so, how long would be enough?

I think you need to have the aquarium lights on for about 11 to 12 hours
and then have darkness for the other 12 to 13 hours. Perhaps a week is
long enough to stimulate the flowering. I'm no expert on this subject so
it would be better if Paul Krombholz gave an answer. You might find
something in the archives by reading about what he said about red and
far red light and flowering. Apparently it takes only a tiny amount of
light to upset the plant's diurnal clock. When I was away on my trip,
the only light the plants got was that from the MH lights which are on a
11.5 hr light 12.5 hour darkness timer (no room lights during the

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