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Re: Glossostigma

Alex wrote:
>>Same with Cardamine lyrata.  The temp. for this are low.  (20 degrees C)
Does this thing have a future at 27?<<

I, also was warned that Cardamine would last only a short time in tropical
temps by several sources.  However, I've been keeping it in a tank with
temps between 78 and 80 degrees for about a year, and I can tell you it is a
very PROLIFIC grower :-).  In fact, I consider it one of my weed plants
(though attractive) in that the vine like growth infiltrates other stands of
plants and can completely dominate a section of the tank if not trimmed
frequently.  It's possible that some "cooler" water plants can do well at
higher temps if some nutrient or other happens to be available, or iron
levels are just right, or if you're burning incense and killing chickens
while planting them, etc.