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Re: Forcing Echinodorus...Emersed

I have placed many species of Echinodorus outside in a shadehouse in pots
in very wet soil.  the sahdehouse has a misting system that operates
regularly through the day.   The echinodorus mostly look as if they are
going to die then new emerse leaves grow and in a few months they are OK.
More mature plants handle this rough treatment better.  I also live in a
tropical climate where temperature is not a problem.   The shadehouse
shades 70 to 90 percent of the sun.  I have also grown some of them in a
hydroponics set up but this is not as successful as the misters and wet

Dave Wilson
in hot & humid Darwin NT, Australia

>Has any list-member worked a systematic method of forcing
>exotic Echinodorus sp. into emergent growth? Are there hormones that can be
>purchased that may speed this process?
>Any help would be much appreciated.