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lights and stuff

>Has any list-member worked a systematic method of forcing  
>exotic Echinodorus sp. into emergent growth? Are there hormones that can be
>purchased that may speed this process?
>Any help would be much appreciated.

Huh ? Forcing them to grow out of the water ? In my experience
you can't stop them from doing that.

>> This brings up a concern for me, if the
>> plants does a better job of filtration than conventional filters does
>> this mean that filters are NOT needed on a planted tank?
>Filters are not needed in a planted tank.

I use Tetra sponge filters and have for years. No complaints.

>lighting continue to be posted on this list, considering how many times
>we've covered the same territory.  You'd think we could at least come up
>with new, novel incorrect ideas.

Ok, here's one: it doesnt really matter. I've seen great planted 
tanks with lousy shop lights and I've seen lousy planted tanks
with megabuck tubes. The difference between the best and worst
is about 5X and the best aren't 5X better. Buy what you like,
change them every 6 - 12 mos.

>The sun is not necessarily "best".  Many aquarium plants actually come from
>areas with some pretty heavy shade.  And as for the color temperature, it
>depends on the time of day you're discussing, and the distance from the
>equator.  There are other factors as well.

Yeah, but, sunlight is so bright that even in dappled shade,
the shallow water plants typically grow in gets hit with
so much light you still need a battery of fluorescents to
emulate it.

>>I just came back from Home Depot (a general hardware/gardening store) and I
>>saw a metal halide bulb which screws into a regular incandescent light
>>socket.  It is sold as a 100 watt bulb.  Other than that, the package
>>provided little information other than the claim that it provides more light
>>than regular incandescents.  Any thoughts on these as a possible light for
>>planted tanks?
>Doesn't sound right.  MH's require a BIG heavy ballast.  Could it have been
>a quartz hallogen bulb?

There are self ballasted HID bulbs. Typically, they aint cheap.

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