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SAEs Losing Stripes


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>Subject: Help_SAE's Losing Stripes
>Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 23:42:50 -0800
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>Anybody have experience with true SAE's losing their stripes?  Two out of
>three of my Siamese Algae Eaters seem to be losing their black stripes.
>They seem healthy otherwise, perhaps a lot of "buddying up" with each other
>seeming to nibble on each other a lot but in a friendly sort of way.  The
>third one looks normal.  The only anomaly in my procedures lately has been a
>treatment of noxicilic acid (AP Nala-gram) which was recommended for cure of
>neon tetra disease which has slowly taken its toll over the last year on my
>neon tetras.  I've had the SAE's for about six months. Other than some
>persecution by a pugnacious red-tail shark (which I can't catch in my plant
>tank) they seem to be normal. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful.
>Craig David
>Long Beach CA