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Filters - biological or bacterial

Hi folks, 

I'd like to suggest that when talking about planted tanks, the term
"biological filtration" isn't very specific.  Last time I checked, plants
were "biological" too.  I'd _love_ to get the term "biological filtration"
as used by the general hobby to _include_ filtration via plants, and get
people to refer to bacterial filtration as just that.  Can you guys help?
If we keep stressing the difference by calling them what they are, I think
more and more "fish" people will begin to understand a little of the
benefits of using aquatic plants in the aquarium.  

Filters that are meant to encourage the colonization of nitrifying bacteria
are BACTERIAL filters.  heavy plant mass, algal turf scrubbers and
bacterial filters are ALL biological filters.

(OK, I'll pass the soap box back to James at this time<g>)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association