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Lighting again

Sue wrote:

>Odd. My perception of the GE Super Daylights is that they are a whiter/bluer
>bulb and the Chromas 50s a warmer (somebody mentioned orange?) bulb. So by my
>perception of the color of each bulb, the Super Daylights _should_ have
>produced a more compact growth (they didn't) and the Chroma 50s taller growth
>(the space 'tween nodes has decreased dramatically)? 

The problem is that you can't really tell the spectral output of a bulb
based on the kelvin temperature.  Different combinations can "look" very
similar to the human eye.  You've got to look at the spectral curve of the
lamps in question.  Then there's also the fact that what ever the lights,
if there;s not enough, internode length will increase as the plants "reach"
for the light.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association