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Optimal Aquarium Depth and Fluorescent Lighting

I have grown most aquatic plants/fish successfully for a number of
years, but always in aquariums that were too shallow for the larger
growing plant species.  I am  planning to purchase a new aquarium
primarily for plants.  For a tank in the 40-70 gallon range (length not
to exceed 30 inches),

1) What would be the optimal (realistic) depth that would allow for a
reasonable diversity of aquatic plants including a Madagascar lace
2) Given that depth, how much lighting would be required?
3) What types/combination of bulbs (fluorescent) would be best?

My thoughts are a 28 inch deep tank, with four 75 watt VHO bulbs (70
gal. tank) or two 75 watt VHO bulbs (40 gal. tank), bulbs would be all
URI AquaSun's.  Any thoughts, comments, and/or suggestions would be