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Re: Looking for opinions on Substrate Gold Application Levels

>    I'm eagerly awaiting my shipment of Substrate gold.  In the mean time
> I thought I might as well query the list as to their experience with the
> amount to use.  Is the suggested application too high, too light, or
> just right?  A sort of three little bears(plants) thing.

I will describe my single experience with Substrate Gold, and you can
form your own opinion of it.

The tank is a 90 gallon with 160 watts of light (3 chroma50s and a
triton).  I mixed about 125 oz of Substrate gold with 50 lbs of pool
filter sand and leveled it out in the tank.  I then arranged 20 Flourish
Tabs evenly throughout the tank.  Then I added another 50 lbs of pool
filter sand for the top layer.  Kent supliments were added to the water
column at the smallest recommended dose.  Tank was planted lightly (is
that a relative term or what? About 50 Vals, 4 bunches of hygro, 4
bunches of crypt. wendtii, 1 bunch of crypt. lutea, 3 echinodorus rubin,
and a few other plants I've forgotten about), with no fish.  I was
planning to finish planting in a few days.

3 days after setting up the tank, I had to fly to Michigan on short
notice...I was there for a month.  The lady that was taking care of my
aquariums for me (neighbor with no knowledge of aquariums) ignored the
tank since it had no fish in it.  I came home to a tank that was badly
neglected practically from the start, yet it had some of the healthiest
plants I have ever seen.

I was only back in New York long enough to pack my belongings (I decided
to move back to Michigan).  The tank is now sitting in the garage
waiting for it's new home, which it should get next week.  I plan to set
it up exacty the same way.

Good luck,
gregcox at usa_net