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Re: Choosing bulbs.

Dave Gomberg writes:

> This got me to thinking again about all the reasons for choosing one bulb
>  over another.  One school wants the most growth per watt-hour (the
>  "efficiency" school) and the other wants the most pleasing appearance (the
>  "beauty" school).   What if you had two sets of bulbs, one for growing and
>  one for looking?    Or are there bulbs that give an adequate compromise?

I think this quandry is challlenged in part by the idea of "mix and match"
bulb sets.  Folks will buy one for its blue spectrum, another for its
"daylight" look, and a third for its triphosphor balance.  When the time comes
to replace the bulbs, they replace one or two of these with something else
looking for a better mix.

Bob Dixon