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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #793

> From: Chris Schmelzer <cschmelz at mcw_edu>
> Subject: Any iron test kit news?
> Many articles listed the Lamotte as the best, but others said that it
> couldn't read EDTA chelated iron (such as that in my PMDD trace mix),
> which makes it pretty much useless...
> Other articles listed the similarly priced Hach (?) kit as the best
> and seemed to indicate it MAY read chelated iron...
> This is a pretty big investment so what should I do???

I went through several of the less expensive brands and got either false
negatives or false positives with all of them.  Eventually I bought the
LaMotte kit and have been very happy with it.

I have heard arguments before about whether or not it (or any other) kit
will register chelated iron.  I'm not a chemist and cannot comment on that.
I *can* say that when I add trace element mix with chelated iron in it the
LaMotte kit registers iron, and when it is all gone the LaMotte kit
registers no iron.

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