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Re: GE Chroma vs Super Daylight

> Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 08:56:21 EST
> From: SnoTabby at aol_com
> Subject: Re: GE Chroma vs Super Daylight
Which is better? Neither. The Sun is the best and most
unpredictable. Since most of us avoid sunlight as a main light
source for plant tanks, we'd opt for light bulbs whose color
temperatures very close to the Sun's. Say, 5700K.

> I've used both bulbs in combination and alone. The Chroma
50's give me more
> compact growth compared to their "Super Daylights".
I'm begining to be convinced by this. GE Daylight Ultra seems
to promote foilage bigger than with C50 in my case.

If the Sun has a color temp. of 5700K, and we know C50 has
5000K and Daylight, 6250K, the answer to which is more suitable
for plants is obvious.

Note: Numbers are from GE bulb package.

> I haven't yet figured out why, because the "Super Daylights"
put out more
> lumens and a whiter light. Could the less compact growth of
stem plants be due
> to the difference in spectrum? I was under the impression
from reading this
> list, and other information, that spectrum isn't as important
as the total
> output of lumens. 
I have to disagree. The first thing I look for in fluorescent
light bulbs is a color temperature as close to 5700K as
possible. If it's 3000K(most are, like compact flourescent),
I'd undoubtedly put the product back to the shelf and look on. 

> I like the color better when I mix them, 2 Supers/3 Chromas.
The Chromas alone
> give off an odd tint, though not totally unpleasant. Right
now it's 5 Chromas
> over the tank, and the growth of the stem plants is quite
nice and compact.
> Susan

For those who are looking for a "better" light bulb, I think a
tank full of healthy plants is more pleasant to the eyes than a
couple of "better" light bulbs with "better" colors on an
below-to-average plant tank. HTH.

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