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Plant defieincy

I one of my ten gallon plant tanks my Crypt wendtii are ahowing signes of
deficency.  The tank is kept at 26deg C.  the sustrate is laterite and
gravel.  I have been using jobes sticks in the substrate and treating the
water colunm with flourish untill i run out then I am switching to PMDD.
I have a mix of fast and slow growing plants. The erank is on the virge of
bieng nitrate.  if I do't feed the fish daily I start to see some BGA form
on the surface.  The tank is CO2 injected and has 2 40watt plant
florescents over it and another 10 gallon.  the tank is heated but has not
filtration.  It has a SAE, a dwarf cory, an oto, and a apisto cocktidae.
The tank is about 6 weeks old.  The hedge and scarlet hygro are growing
out the back of the tank.

Ok back to the leaves.  This has happened to two diffrent crypts.  the new
leaves (1 leaf on each plant) started out a nice green and got to be
almost full sizeand then turned almost ghost white.  all the older leaves
on the plants are fine.  looking at the pages at the krib, the closet
thing that I have detrmined is that one of my other plants is showing a
bit of Mg limitation.  The Fe in the water is a bit lower than I would
like it is about .025ppm, all my scarlet hygro are bright red and growing
like weeds.  NO3- is about .05ppm almost undetectable.  had to use the
automated equipment in the lab to take the reading.  The Ph is about 6.5
and the total hardness is about 140ppm.



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