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Re: Fluorescent tubes

A very important cost factor to consider regarding the Triton tube is the
patent that G.E. has with this particular fluorescent tube -- that it will
automatically shut down when it loses more than 10% of its brilliance. 
This has proven to be 4 times as long as most tubes (two years or more), in
most cases -- particularly with electronic ballasts.  This makes the cost
so much less than comparing them to other tubes that go "downhill" rapidly
and is not apparent to the eye and which you have to change every six
months.  Triton rare earth mixtures are such that the light follows the
"chlorophyll curve" -- making this tube so efficient for growing aquatic
plants (and corals)!  Both of these very important patents that are held by
Triton and has been rigorously defended by G.E. against those that attempt
to copy it.

I have been using Triton for years -- since they came on the market; and I
can attest that they grow every plant that I have tried (a wide variety)
well -- particularly with CO2.

So, just for the record, the above two facts are something to consider when
thinking about buying fluorescent tubes.  Unfortunately, they are not
easily available in Canada and the price, where available there, is
considerably higher than in the U.S.

Merrill Cohen, AGA