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collector's lust

paul wrote:

<<You just don't understand the lust of collector's mania.  I want it!  I
want it!  Some day I will get organized and get them all planted nicely in
tanks like Kasselmann shows in her book.  In the meantime it can wait on
the shelf until I get around to providing it utopia for plants.  It is a
good thing that plants don't have nervous systems.  Actually, the only
plant I have that is close to endangered is Cryptocoryne parva, and I am
taking good care of that one.>>

paul, i do understand collector's mania.  believe me, i subscribe to about 12
mailing lists (fish, houseplants, orchids etc.).  i have hundreds of aroids,
begonias, orchids, gesneriads, ferns, tropical plants in addition to fish, and
my favorite groups include labirynth, rainbow, catfish, apistos, tetras,
characins, etc.  this is all in a one-bedroom apt.!!!  (no, i don't want to
hear about your new addition to your houses or new fish rooms, please keep
your good news to yourselves...).

but my point is that i rather have a few plants and fish doing well than too
many and not being able to take care of them well (not that i'm accusing you
of that).  my plea was for moderation, especially when dealing with what we
buddhists call "sentient beings" (i.e. animals).

tsuh yang chen, nyc