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I surrender

Steve Pushak wrote:
>Subject: Re: Everything you never needed to know about....

>Goodness gracious Olga, I knew YOU were joking but you did raise a point
>about EARTHWORM castings that I felt needed clarification.

My hands are in the air! I give up! You miss the point, Steve. It was a
humourous little paragraph about my cat. You took it and turned it into
something else. It's kind of like telling a funny hospital joke to someone
and right afterwards they say..."Oh by the way, my brother died of cancer
yesterday." It's all my fault. I should have known better than to mention
"worm castings". Forget it. I apologize for being an insensitive dolt who
can't understand why there was any need to "clarify" anything.

in Vancouver...NOT having a good day (so far)