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Chroma 50 and 'Plant Bulbs'

Sorry, but I can't resist.  Why would we use 'plant' light bulbs?  IF 
LUMENS are in your equation at all...

The lights are grouped such that the first two are a reasonable option, 
a good balance between performance and price.  The next three I've 
little experience with, but when I look at the lumen output...  And the 
last three(no triton data) are the high priced, high performance 
option(at least in the ultra eg).

(in) watts                     color                  cri lumens

48   40  GE       Chroma 50    5000K  F40/C50          90  2250          
48   40  Philips  Ultralume    5000K  F40/50U          85  3280
48   40  Osram    GRO-LUX WS   3400K  F40GRO/WS        89  1875
48   40  Philips  Agro-Lite    ?      F40AGRO          ?   1600 
48   40  Osram    GRO-LUX      ?      F40GRO           ?   1200
48   40  PennPlax Natura-Lux   ?      NL-48            ?   2450          
48   40  PennPlax Tri-Lux      ?      FT-48            ?   2480          
48   40  PennPlax Ultra TriLux ?      FUT-48           ?   3350 

You bought the ballast, the fixture, whatever, paid your dues, now GO 
FOR THE LUMENS!  If anyone would like to refute the arguement that 
nearly all light grows plants and that more lumens are better, I'd like 
to hear it :~>

This data is from the krib, take a look at:



Colin Anderson         

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