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RE: Plastic needlepoint canvass and java moss wall

"Jack" is wondering about using plasitc needlepoint canvas as a support for
a Java moss "wall" along the back of his tank. Hey, sounds like a nice idea
to me. I believe that it was Susan Romano who initially had some ideas about
this material, and it turns out that there are quite a few of us who have
discovered it, and its many uses within an aquarium.

To attach the Java Moss (or Java Fern - I think that would work as well), I
would recommend nylon thread or monofilament (fishing line). Get yourself a
needlepoint needle and just "sew" the moss to the canvas. The craft stores
here in Toronto carry various sizes of plastic needlepoint canvas and in two
hole sizes, I generally use the coarser material. I think (but I'm not 100%
sure) that the plastic might be too slick and impervious for the Java Moss
(or Java Fern) to attach to it in the same fashion that they do to wood (at
least not as securely), but due to the holes, I'm sure that they could grow
thru and around it enough to give the plant a good enough grip to stay put.
For attaching it to the back wall of the tank, I'm at a bit of a loss - what
about using some of that "loop and hook" material - put the loop material on
the aquarium glass, the hook portion on the canvas and then just press them

To keep detritus away from the canvas and to help the growth of anything
growing on it, I'd use a powerhead to create a current over it. A spray bar
from a canister filter properly directed would probably work well for this

James Purchase