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Re: Aquarium room decor

I envy anyone with a fresh empty room to decorate :-).  I'm squeezing
aquariums into the weirdest places lately.  I'm thinking of putting a 5 1/2
in the bathroom since there is actually a few inches of available space!

Anyway...  I've always fantasized (too strong a word?  Nahh.) about setting
up a "jungle room"   The walls would be a dark color to give the impression
of ongoing space, liberally covered with vine type plants like pothos and
philodendron trained to climb around the other accents and hang from the
ceiling. Several large bushy plants and even plaster or real (though dead)
tree trunks against the walls.  The floor might be a dark, natural stone of
some kind.  Liberal use of spanish moss, some water accents (a small creek
(I had a friend who had constructed a little 2 foot wide stream through a
small front room, with a bridge!), gurgling stone fountain, hey! how about a
fog machine!)  The aquarium could be pulled into this decor by placing
plants on top (rather above) the tank which hang down over the sides, and
even trained around the stand.

Maintaining this room would, of course, be a b*$#@.   You could seal both
sides of your "greenhouse" with glass doors to keep humidity in, or use silk
plants.  Better yet, maybe I should buy a ticket to Brazil and go to the
jungle and forget the whole thing :-).

Have fun!