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Re: GE Chroma vs Super Daylight

I've used both bulbs in combination and alone. The Chroma 50's give me more
compact growth compared to their "Super Daylights".

I haven't yet figured out why, because the "Super Daylights" put out more
lumens and a whiter light. Could the less compact growth of stem plants be due
to the difference in spectrum? I was under the impression from reading this
list, and other information, that spectrum isn't as important as the total
output of lumens. 

I like the color better when I mix them, 2 Supers/3 Chromas. The Chromas alone
give off an odd tint, though not totally unpleasant. Right now it's 5 Chromas
over the tank, and the growth of the stem plants is quite nice and compact.


In a message dated 1/21/99 8:49:47 PM, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<> Look for a red box and the words "Chroma 50" on the tube. I think
> they sell them as "Super Daylight".

I've got a question:
At our local Target, they sell both GE "sunlight" bulbs and GE
aquarium/plant bulbs for the same price.
Which is better? I was guessing the plant bulbs, but I've seen the
sunlight bulbs recommended a couple of times. Thanks.>>