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Small change on Lighting

Hello All:

My small change on the lighting issue. I've been trying a couple of 
different lights that are available here in SA. Dedicated aquarium 
tubes start at R35 at the electrical store, or R70 to R90 at the pet 
store. These are either too dim for my liking, or they're heavily 
skewed to the red. Cool whiites produce a fair amount of light, but 
the colour isn't so nice. Too pink. Cheap though at R10. I've decided 
to stick with Osram Biolux daylight tubes. Very nice bright white 
light, and good price at R34.

Off Topic question:

I've got two "Asian Hillstream Catfish" species Hara hara ( Don't 
laugh, this is the correct latin name!).  Does anyone have a clue 
what they actually feed on? I've had them for some months, but I have 
yet to see them feed, and they're looking a little thin.