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Re Chroma50s vs. Plant/Aquarium bulbs

> I've got a question:
> At our local Target, they sell both GE "sunlight" bulbs and GE
> aquarium/plant bulbs for the same price.
> Which is better? I was guessing the plant bulbs, but I've seen the
> sunlight bulbs recommended a couple of times. Thanks.

Well...they both have their purposes.  The Sunlight (chroma50) bulb is a
5000K bulb with a CRI of 75 and I believe it puts out about 2600 lumens
in the 40 watt size.  The Plant/Aquarium bulb is about 3700K (?I'm
guessing on this one, can anyone verify this?).  I am not sure of the
CRI, but I think the lumens are slightly less also.

I have not tested the differences for plants, but the Plant/Aquarium
bulbs put out too yellow of a light for my tastes.  I have to throw in a
triton along with the Chroma50s to get a color that is appealing to me.

gregcox at usa_net