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Plastic needlepoint canvass and java moss wall

I don't have internet access and recently lost all my saved APD's.  Could
the individuals who posted messages about threading java moss into black
plastic needlepoint canvas please provide me with some more info.  How do
you attach it to the back of the tank?  Does it easily collect detritus? 
Does anyone have a picture posted on the web?  How big are the spaces on
the canvas or does it matter?  Are there any other plants you could
attach? I could probably get to a local library to use the internet. 
Actually, now that I think of it I believe it was Riccia.  But I'm 
planning  to create a wall of java moss on the back rather than my
current flat black.  I'm just not sure how to attach the canvas to the
back of the tank. Any ideas?  I would welcome any private messages as


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