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GE Sunlight (Chroma 50) vs. Plant and aquarium (PL-AQ) fluorescent tubes

>I've got a question:
>At our local Target, they sell both GE "sunlight" bulbs and GE
>aquarium/plant bulbs for the same price.
>Which is better? I was guessing the plant bulbs, but I've seen the
>sunlight bulbs recommended a couple of times. Thanks.

"better" is suubjectibe depending on your needs. In general,
if you're using one tube, use the Chroma 50. If you're
using two, use one of each. The PL-AQ has lots of red
which is the C-50's only fault - an excess of blue.

If the GR Sunlight bulb isn't a Chroma 50, don't sweat it,
while they're better, it's not worth killing yourself to
find them. There are three tubes you'll find from GE that
fall into the daylight/sunlight category:

F40D - Daylight. I think this has been discontnued, but is 
probably still around. Not a whole lot better than Cool Whites.

SPX65 - Sold as "super daylight". Better.

Chroma 50 - A drop in replacement for Duro Test Vita lights
at almost a tenth the cost.

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