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Seahorses - Don't try this at home

Olga wrote:

>Too bad you don't have Seahorses, James. The Absorbine would be great for
>rubbing on their legs...er fins. (Forgive me, that last sentence *is* an
>insider joke for horse owners) <g>

I was thinking the same thing, but was too lazy to write.<g>

>Yes, George. I really slipped up. I thought equating cat poop in the kitty
>litter substrate with worm castings in soil substrate was just kind of...
>kind of...well, I don't know. I guess if you don't get it... well you just
>don't get it. I'll have to accept that feces humour goes over most heads.
>Oh Goddess! I've forgotten the smiley's AGAIN! :> :) ;> <g> <G>

Obviously, very few of these people live with 5 year old boys.  All we
_hear_ is bathroom humor. (that is _not_ a joke, it's the truth... but it's
still a little humorous)

>But maybe we should have order in the classroom or the listmom will be
>smacking us!

Nah, I doubt it, _SHE_ has a sense of humor ;-)

OB plants:

I want to thank all of the BAS members (some of whom lurk on this list) for
there tremendous generousity toward my school tank project.  They just
donated enough plants to _densely_ plant 6 new aquariums added to our class
rooms ranging in size from 20-30 gallons!

I also want to thank Erik Olson, who has agreed to house all of our class
room tank educational material at "The Krib" web site where it will be
available to teachers and parents everywhere.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association