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re: Aquarium room decor

Roger Miller wrote:

> Guys,
>  I'm looking for some interior decorating ideas.
> We're almost done building a new addition on
> our house.  The addition includes a 9-foot by
> 6-foot area that connects my new master bedroom
> suite to the rest of the house.  The ceiling slopes
> from a height of 8 feet on one 9-foot side to 10 feet
> on the other and there are two 4-foot by 2-foot
> skylights crossing the ceiling.  The area is flooded
> with light during the day and the effect is really stunning.
> The walls and ceiling are textured sheetrock and
> artificial room light will be provided by two fixtures
> wired into the 8-foot high wall.  Aside from those
> details I'm free to design the space exactly as I like
> for the best display of a large planted tank. The tank
> would be placed along the high wall.  I can (in fact, I
> have to) pick the flooring, the wall color, the lighting
> and a few other details. Any ideas?  Let your
> imaginations run wild!

I often think their is a temptation to  'accent'  a display tank with
furniture, beautiful cabinetry, spote lights, position, etc.  But then I
remind myself if the beauty of the area is the tank,  then everything
else  should be  _understated_  and not accentuated.  I find less
is more!

That's my opinion.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net