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aquarium room decor


I'm looking for some interior decorating ideas.

We're almost done building a new addition on our house.  The addition
includes a 9-foot by 6-foot area that connects my new master bedroom suite
to the rest of the house.  The ceiling slopes from a height of 8 feet on
one 9-foot side to 10 feet on the other and there are two 4-foot by 2-foot
skylights crossing the ceiling.  The area is flooded with light during the
day and the effect is really stunning.  The walls and ceiling are textured
sheetrock and artificial room light will be provided by two fixtures wired
into the 8-foot high wall.  Aside from those details I'm free to design
the space exactly as I like for the best display of a large planted tank.
The tank would be placed along the high wall.  I can (in fact, I have to)
pick the flooring, the wall color, the lighting and a few other details.

Any ideas?  Let your imaginations run wild!

Roger Miller