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ADA substrates - revisted

Recently I posted that AquaSoil from ADA had a neutral
effect on pH, this from a recent TFH  article I had read.  I
would now like to rescind my original comment.   I have  re-
read the December, 1998 issue of TFH wherein Amano writes
about the ADA substrate in response to the many questions
he receives about it.

I would like to quote the parts of the article which relate to
AquaSoil. Amano writes:

    I have received many questions with regards to the
    substrate, so I will write about my experiences with
    substrates.  The Nature Aquarium substrate is composed
    of a unique double layer of soils.

    We use a baked earth or clay material for the upper
    layer of the substrate.

    Baked earth or clay is placed above the layer of
    pumice stones and peat.  The baked earth does not
    have many nutrients and helps to prevent water

    Please note that since baked earth can easily crumble
    after it has been used in an aquarium for a while, one
    should replace the baked earth every time one
    changes the layout.

While the ( pH ) statement I had made earlier is not refuted in the
article,  nor is is confirmed.  I should not have inferred "low nutrient"
meant no effect on pH. This is not accurate.  I apologize for inferring
something I  should not have.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net