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Re: GE light alternatives

Pete Rose wrote:

> I've got a question:
> At our local Target, they sell both GE "sunlight" bulbs and GE
> aquarium/plant bulbs for the same price.
> Which is better? I was guessing the plant bulbs, but I've seen the
> sunlight bulbs recommended a couple of times. Thanks.

Either one will grow plants, so it comes down to a question of which you
would rather view the plants with.  I think most people find the light
from a GE PL/AQ bulb to be not to their liking.  I find it rather yellow
and other people may have other descriptions.  The "sunlight" bulb
produces what I perceive as white light.  I have sunlight bulbs
side-by-side with much more expensive vitalites and I can't detect much
difference between their colors.

Roger Miller