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Moore - jokes

"A M Moore" wrote
>Subject: Olga`s Jokes
>Jokes are fine Olga, but for them to be funny people need to know they are
>jokes. I understood what you were on about but many people may have taken
>what you said seriously.
>No harm with Steve pointing out what shouldn`t be done.

Can't agree here, A.M.  I wrote VERY clearly at the bottom that I was not
suggesting anyone do this. One has to be pretty humourless,
reading-challenged or just plain stupid to take it seriously. (Everyone who
took it seriously can pick one of the above.) <g> Steve's not included
because he is none of the above... he just has a compulsion to answer
posts. <g>  :) x 20

"James Purchase" wrote:
>Subject: RE: GE Chroma 50

<after a lot of good advice about Chroma 50s)

>Now, if my local Shopper's Drug Mart would only start stocking Tropica
>plants, I could forego ever having to set foot in another high priced
>aquarium store. Can anyone suggest an aquarium related use for Absorbine
>Jr.? It was on sale and I just couldn't resist picking up a couple of

James...you win the prize for subtle humour this week. This made me laugh
out loud. Hands-up everyone who "gets" it! <g>
Too bad you don't have Seahorses, James. The Absorbine would be great for
rubbing on their legs...er fins. (Forgive me, that last sentence *is* an
insider joke for horse owners) <g>

>Toronto George Booth wrote:
>Subject: Re: Everything you never needed to know about....

>Now Olga, surely you can see that this is all your fault. You go and post
>something that is CLEARLY going to be dangerous if an Unaware went and did
>it and you expect a right-minded, helpful guru to not fire off a Cautionary
>Note before they even finish reading the entire post?
>My god, woman, put the Smiley at the front of such postings!

Yes, George. I really slipped up. I thought equating cat poop in the kitty
litter substrate with worm castings in soil substrate was just kind of...
kind of...well, I don't know. I guess if you don't get it... well you just
don't get it. I'll have to accept that feces humour goes over most heads.
Oh Goddess! I've forgotten the smiley's AGAIN! :> :) ;> <g> <G>

rolling on the floor in Vancouver
But maybe we should have order in the classroom or the listmom will be
smacking us!