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Jobe's Sticks and Straws

Funny how the mind works....or doesn't.  I'd been pondering how to get the
Jobe's sticks deep into the substrate without damaging roots and stirring up
the substrate.  I was thinking about a hollow glass tube and rod from some
laboratory shop.  Then I woke up the other day with the solution.  I took a
common plastic soda straw and a bamboo skewer and placed the skewer inside the
straw and then pushed them both to the bottom of the substrate under my
swords.  I then removed the skewer, put a Jobe's stick in the straw, and then
pushed it to the bottom of the straw with the skewer.  Then holding the skewer
against the Jobe's stick, I lifted the straw up a couple of inches and then
removed both.  Voila, the Jobe's stick is now at the bottom of the substrate
with minimal disturbance to the roots and the substrate.