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RE: 100 small white worms

"Jamie Johnson" wrote...
>100 small white worms, ~1 mm in size.
>...verified they were planaria

Be very sure they are planaria.  I too had what I thought to
be a harmless infestation of small, ~1 mm white worms.
Under a dissecting scope, they had segments and setae
(little hairs at each joint).  Their mouth area did not look
very harmless.  The closest thing I could compare it to was
a worm of the genus Camallanus.  Making a long story short,
I scoured the web to no avail and 2 weeks later, everything
in my tank was dead.  The fish would begin to bloat, die,
and then worms would stream out.  The tank was dense with
them.  I tried a few different worm meds and even physically
filtering them out along.  Nothing worked.  After everything
was dead (except one lone danio which is still in a tank,
alone with chara--"stonewort") I bleached the entire tank
and broke it down.

The very next day I found a ref to this "whiteworm scourge"
and a remedy which will probably kill your plants;
Levamisole hydrochloride at 5 ppm (parts per million)
followed by a 100% water change in 24 hours.  A comercial
product was referred to called "Nilvera" but it is not water
soluble so I do not know how it would be used.  The common
usage for Levamisole hydrochloride is a cattle drench and
dewormer for ostrich (hey I am just telling you what I read
:).  You can probably get it at a feed store or a vet.

I realy hope what you have is not what I had.  One friend of
mine swears it was shistosomiasis.  I think it did come in
with some snails so maybe that theory is not as ridiculous
as it sounds.

A great many people think they are thinking when
they are only rearranging their prejudices.
                     -Edward R. Murrow

Dennis J. Harney
Miami University Botany Dept.