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 "Darren R. Gold" wrote:
>Subject: Re: Jokes don't fly

>And who are those six people, Olga?  Do you have any scientific studies to
>back up such a preposterous statement? <snip> and you should retract said
>immediately or be punished with a biochemical analysis of cat poop. So

Okay, hold the analysis, I concede, there are *7*...I forgot you about you,
Darren. and re your testing methods:

> When I use it, I
>like to dim the lights, gel my hair up to look like Dr. Frankenstein, set up
>those glowing plasma globes from Radio Shack on the table and have a family
>member shake a large metal plate for thunderous sound effects.  Then I sit
>and count drops.

Can I come over next time you do some tests?? Please! ;>

in Vancouver