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>  Are high-everything tanks
> more suseptible to being pushed out of balance?


I've found the same thing you have in my high-everything 60 gallon.  I suspect
that my tank has become nitrate or potassium limited, causing repeated
cyanobacteria blooms.  There may however (as always) be other issues.  I had
virtually no problems until I upgraded my lighting system to about 4.3 w/gal.
Things were fine for about three months, and I have been having problems ever
since, despite increased CO2 and fertilizer. I have found that I simply don't have
the time to have to fiddle that finely with the balance of the aquarium.  More
importantly, I don't want to take the time, and I end up frustrated by the
problems I have.  I also have problems getting my plants to grow vertically.  I am
rapidly becoming convinced that to have significantly more than 3 watts/gallon is
somewhat excessive, and is probably asking for trouble.  This becomes especially
true in light of the fact that very few plants require more than that.

Justin Collins