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Soil Analysis

Steve wrote:

>Karen mentioned that the top soil which she experimented with seemed to
>develop some kind of problem over time which she thought might be a
>mineral toxicity problem. Karen, it would be quite interesting to send
>some samples of your soil for qualitative soil analysis. There are
>references on my web page to the Cornell University which offers soil
>analysis for a small cost. I'm sure that other universities, colleges
>and labs also offer similar services to the public. Soil analysis is
>routinely performed during courses for Lab Technology.

The problems did not develop over time.  They were present from the
beginning.  They've actually _subsided_ over time, but we're talking about
a _long_ time. (2 years)

I just don't want to bother with an analysis.  I know I don't want to use
it again, and I don't see people lining up for the opportunity either.<g>
The analysis wouldn't have any bearing on anyone else's soil experiences,
so why bother?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association