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SOS - Anubia crisis

I have a 65 gallon long aquarium with only lots and lots of Anubias.  Most
of them are attached to wood, but some are just sitting on the gravel with
their roots growing down into the gravel.  I did this because
"IMHExperience" these plants are indestructible.  However, now I have had
about 5 leaves come off the plants, with the stems rotting first.

The water is 78 degrees F, ph is 6.6, 120 watts life-glo, hardness is 3 dK,
carbonate hardness 3, nitrate is about 15, phosphate is high (but always has
been even when the plants were doing fine).

About three weeks ago I added about 20 new plants to the 12 that were
already present for about 6 months.  Today I noticed that one of the new
leaves has a rotting stem so I don't think the leaf loss is due to damage
during shipping or handling.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening, and what if anything
I am doing wrong?

Dr. Momfish