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Re: ADA Substrate

At 15.16 18/01/99 -0500, you wrote:
>When I asked about the ADA substare, I was refering to the Aqu Soil. If you
>use this produt, got you tell me your experience with it. How you fast your
>plants grow, etc. I'm setting up a new tank, I need a lonterm substrate, I
>just want to know if ADA Aqua Soil is a good choice.
ADA AquaSoil is an excellent substrate for potting roots, and to steadily
fix plants to the substrate. It also helps to lower the pH. It's kinda
fluffy but I think it may clog and become closer and closer as the time
goes on and it's NOT reusable for sure. I'm using it since more than 1 year
ago, so I don't know if long term is thought by you, but probably it should
be a longer period of time.