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Re: bulb suggestions...

> Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:18:51 -0600
> From: Joe Anderson <janderso at metrotech_org>
> Subject: bulb suggestions
> I recently upgraded the lighting on a 20gal high.  I've got
two Phillips
> Cool Whites and one "aquarium" bulb (kinda bluish).  I've got
room for one
> more bulb and would like to resolve the "yellowish" tint that
these  three
> bulbs seem to create.
> Any suggestions for a type of bulb that would alleviate this
(not so
> problematic) problem?
I'm no expert, to begin with. But I sure know something. My 20H
runs 3 24" 20w fluorescent bulbs all on a timer. Recently I
changed the bulbs from all Chroma 50s to GE F20T12D (Daylight)
+ GE F20T12 PL/AQ (Plant & Aquarium) + GE F20T12D. Bluish +
pinkish + bluish. My best guess is 6250K, ~4000K, 6250K in
Kelvins. Why this odd? Simple, one word, cost. Chroma 50 is
perfect with 5000K, but it costs CND$9. Daylight sells for
~CND$6 each. Go figure. Plus, I wanted to experiment with
different bulbs. Hence, the combo. One hygrophila corymbosa are
growing astonishingly big leaves in a baby stage(5" tall), at
least to me. 6 months later I'll switch one back to C50. So you
could use a GE Daylight for a bluer effect. My opinion is stick
to bulbs best suited for plants.

> BTW OKC Petsmarts (sw 74th store) had glossostima in this
weekend in case
> anybody in the area was interested.
> Joe

Another Joe
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