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I lilke to create planted aquariums that grow really
happy, large, fast-growing plants.  This means I use
high light (3-4watts/gal), high CO2 (20+ppm), and high
fertilizer (Duplarit in gravel, add Jobes sticks when
needed, which is about every other week, depending
on the plant), Tropica MG (half strength).

However, I have low fish load (40 g tank has about 20"
fish total).

This tank exploded into algae infestation when I
trimmed heavily and left for one month.  I wondered if
one reason could be the low fish load (and lack of fish
feeding during that month)?  Are high-everything tanks
more suseptible to being pushed out of balance? 
Would sustaining more fish be a good answer? (To
guarantee adequate macronutrients).

I noticed Amano's tanks always are photographed with
many more than 1"/gallon of fish - many more!  Is this
just for the photos, or does he do that in general?  


Roxanne Bittman