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I recently measured the conductivity in my 40g
aquarium, and was suprised to see it measured

I am curious to hear what other curious aquarists
measure in their own tanks.  I use R/O water (which
measures 0), but I add the following with every water
1/2 tsp. Kents R/O Right
1 calcium carb. pill, every third time 
1/2 tsp. MgSO4, every third time
1/2 tsp. KNO3
1/2 tsp. KSO4

However, and this is a big "however", I have had this
darned "green water" aka floating BG algae problem
lately, and have been treating it by adding additional
KNO3, after testing for nitrate (which consistently
reads zero).  I added additional 1/2 tsps every day last
week.  I measured after this.

Question is, is 660mS bad (for plants?) (for neons?),

A friend's less heavily managed tank measured
56mS, as a comparison.  The "springs" in The
Optimum Aquarium measure in this range as well.

Roxanne Bittman