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Re: Calcium test kits

Darren wrote:

> Karen wrote:
> >>I have never seen a testkit specifically for calcium.  Who makes them?<<

> I know LaMotte makes one ($!).  I believe Wardley makes a GH/KH Calcium
> combo kit but, and this is a purely personal bias, I can't seem to trust any
> product with a picture of a fish in a lab coat on the box :-).

Calcium test kits are wildly use by reef aquarists and many companies sell
them.  Salifert, LaMotte, Aquarium Systems all markets them.  Actually the
LaMotte calcium kit ($21.99 for 50 tests) is quite cheap compared to other
LaMotte products.   I have never use the LaMotte calcium kit, so no comment
on the quality.

All the other kits I have used (Salifert and Aquarium Systems) are three
stages: first the magnesium is percipitate using a potassium hydroxide
solution.  Second a reagent is added to produce a base colour in the
sample.  Then another reagent is dropped into the sample until the colour
changes.  So presumablely you can measure the total hardness by skipping
the first step using the same kit.

Louis Lin