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Re: Marsilea crenata or quadrifolia?

Tom wrote:
>>This sounds similar to the Marsilea that I have, but I thought it was M.
quadrifolia according to the description in rataj.  The petioles were only
about an inch or so tall and all the new leaves are a single lobe.  How does
one tell which species these are?  Whatever it is, it's a great plant!  We
have moderately hard water here and the LFS reports little success with
glosso.  E. tenellus is okay, but the round leaves of the marsilea are a
welcome contrast.  <<

I'm going by Arizona Aquatic Gardens name (Marsilea crenata) which is where
I purchased it.  They've always been pretty accurate as far as I can tell.
As far as differentiating between species:  Oh, I'm just working on earning
my Aquatic Gardener rank.  Aquatic Botanist will have to wait :-).

My submersed leaves are also on 1" (max) petioles.  Some are a single,
pointed lobe but most are 2, 3 or 4 pointed lobes and look sort of like a
cartoon dinosaur paw print (how's THAT for a visual aid :) )   My water is
soft and acid, and they are under 2.5 watts per gallon at 6700k.  Who knows
which of these elements might determine lobe count? Anybody?

My E. tenellus ended up looking an awful lot like val, with leaves
approaching 9" in length and invading every area of the tank.  Not the look
I wanted for the foreground!