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half filling a new tank?

Hi all,
This is my own idea does anyone else, agree/practice/recomend it?
When one sets up a new tank the aim is to have a large plant to water ratio
this enabling the plants to use up nutrients and hence outcompete the
Since few if any plants are purchased at the full height as the water colum
what about only say half filling the aquarium. This would enable the plants
to use up the relatively fewer nutrients.
Furthermore as the plants grow the water level can be increased or the
plants can be trimmed and replanted if an inadequate supply was purchased?

Can anyone see any downsides to this approach and if so please reply as i
am planning on doing this soon.
Thanks all.
Ps- can anyone recomend some plant / aquascaping aquarium homepages other
then the main ones such as krib and aquatic concepts - both great sites in
my opinion.
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au