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Re: Marselia

Tom writes:

> The plants arrived with emersed form
>  leaves only, about 6 to 8" tall with 4 leaf clovers on long skinny petioles
>  (not very attractive) and thick, two inch root "plugs" which were easily
>  planted
>  This sounds similar to the Marsilea that I have, but I thought it was M.
>  quadrifolia according to the description in rataj.  The petioles were only
>  about an inch or so tall and all the new leaves are a single lobe.  How
>  one tell which species these are?  Whatever it is, it's a great plant!  We
>  have moderately hard water here and the LFS reports little success with
>  glosso.  E. tenellus is okay, but the round leaves of the marsilea are a
>  welcome contrast.  

The folks at http://www.shopsite.com/waterplants/index.html Are selling M.
quadrifolia and have a photo of a floating leafed plant which roots in shallow
tanks into the subsboil.  I am going to order some in the next couple of days.

Bob Dixon