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Marsilea crenata and Java Moss

Ahhh, nothing like setting up a new tank.... All that empty space to be
filled with new species!

I'm trying two I haven't worked with before and have comments and questions.

The first is Dwarf Four-leaf Clover (Marsilea crenata.)   This stuff is
amazing.  I've used Lilleaopsis and E. tenellus and glossostigma, and so far
I am more impressed with this plant for foreground coverage than any of them
(of course, it's only been a week :))  The plants arrived with emersed form
leaves only, about 6 to 8" tall with 4 leaf clovers on long skinny petioles
(not very attractive) and thick, two inch root "plugs" which were easily
planted (a real joy after planting Lilleopsis!)  Within 24 hours, much
smaller submersed leaves appeared and now, only 6 days later, each plant
bunch has sent runners in all directions which are around 3 inches long and
seem to be forming a fairly complete carpet (without the usual "fill in"
time required by the others.)  It's even crawling up and the rocks and
driftwood  to a certain extent to give that "grown-in" feeling.  Anyway, I
was impressed.

Now, a question:  I've never dealt with Java moss before (I've had some tag
along on some other plants which did ok, but I don't count that).   After
covering my driftwood and rocks with it, it seems to have gone a dark shade
of brown.  This isn't much different then how it looked to begin with, and
it doesn't appear to be decomposing.  Will this plant recover, is this
normal, or is it just dead?