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Magnesium shortage

>Recently someone responded to a news group post I did,
>saying it sounds like a magnesium deficiency, but I have yet to find a test
>kit for that. I am doing water changes to get rid of any residual
>supplements in anticipation of using the Tropica Master grow. I always give
>the tank at least 2 months to respond to a change in supplements and am
>hoping that the Master grow gives me better results than the others I have
>tried. The hygro I now have puts out many new leaves but they stay a kind of
>yellow/light green and don't get a nice green like the original growth, the
>Anubias and other assorted plants do the same. I hope I haven't rambled too
>long for the list and appreciate any help from you out there!

I don't think there are any hobbyist grade tests for magnesium, but it's
quite easy to test the hypothesis.  Add a small amount of epsom salts and
watch to see if the plants green up.  That certainly is on the possibility
list, since without adequate levels of magnesium, plant cannot properly use
iron even when it is availbale to them.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association