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Re: Non-digest format

> >Is there anyway to have the list in non-digest form?
> Nope, sorry.

I recently started playing around with a piece of software that busts up
the digests back into individual messages as I read them.  It's wonderful;
the best of both worlds!  I no longer have to go through and edit files
when archiving articles or replying, and when someone quotes the entire
digest I can just delete the one message and not lose the one afterwards.  
The only bad thing is that it isn't written for majordomo per se, and it
messes up slightly when someone puts this in their message:

From: A Big dork <bigdork at thekrib_com>

(Usually followed by a quotation).

Anyway, it's available as part of procmail if you use unix or variants.  
I don't know if anyone's seen a majordomo-tailored undigestifier which
looks for the dashed lines instead of the From: line, but I may write one
myself one of these days.  I also don't know if there's something
equivalent as a plug-in for PC mailers, but I'd bet one could find it with
a bit of digging.

  - Erik

ObPlants: Our club's having an auction in February.  Looking for unusual
fare to supplement the usual.  Anyone know where I can get Hottonia and
a few other less-seen plants in < $100 quantity?

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com